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Research and Teaching Experience in MIR Lab
  Overview: The success of our research program depends heavily upon the involvement of bright and motivated undergraduates. Getting involved in research is a good way to obtain the research experience and training needed to gain admission to psychology graduate programs or related fields of study (e.g., law school). As a research assistant, you will work with other collaborators involved in my research projects. including other research assistants and graduate students. By joining our research team, you'll be working with researchers committed to psychological investigations relevant to real-world problems.

The projects on which you will work explore the psychology of intergroup relations (e.g. fear of outgroups, interracial mate preferences, etc.) and on the psychology of moral judgment (e.g. "Is it wrong to kill for the greater good?"). The work will include experiments in a controlled laboratory setting, on computer networks, in-person interviews, and in immersive environments using virtual reality (VR) technology.

Compensation: Students typically receive 3 units per semester (PSY 490; 491)

Researcher duties: (1) Conduct experiments using physiological measurement equipment and virtual display devices in a psychology laboratory. (2) Data entry and management. (3) Online recruitment and scheduling of research participants. (4) Electronic database research. (5) Creating questionnaires and other materials such as computerized 3-D objects.

For those who have completed my undergraduate courses PSY 235 or 235-H, teaching assistantships may be available.

Qualifications: Minimum GPA: 3.3. No experience is necessary, but being comfortable with computers is a plus.

Time Commitment: 8 hours per week. Flexible.

How to apply: Submit a resume that includes the following components: (1) objective, including future goals whether academic, business, or other professional, (2) GPA, major, schools attended, (3) relevant employment, (4) past research experience or conference presentations (if any), (5) leadership experience (e.g. team captain, shift manager, student government, etc), and (6) honors and awards. Feel free to incorporate high school achievement as well if you think its relevant to any of the above points.

Please send resume to cdn@msu.edu

Resume should be between 1-2 pages. For an example click here. If you don't have much to put down yet because you're only a freshman or sophmore, apply anyway!



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