Welcome to Hilltop Haven Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation

Please Note: We are currently full to capacity and cannot take on any more horses until some of our current residents are adopted.
Please also note that viewings of the farm and horses are by appointment only.
It is our mission to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted horses as well as other animals.
To find suitable homes for adoptable horses and to provide care and a safe haven to any animal in need.
We are dedicated to making a difference to abused, neglected and misunderstood horses and ponies.
We purchase and take in horses, ponies and donkeys that are in a bad state or that have behavioral issues stemming from physical or mental abuse.
Prices fluctuate on the rescues and reflect our purchase price, trailering, vet farrier bills, and special diet, supplements, etc.
WE DO NOT PROFIT FROM THE RESCUES . This is non-profit!!
We believe that rescuing an animal is just the first step of a very long journey.
Our rescues are treated with utmost compassion and respect.
Our goal is to find caring, knowledgeable homes for all of our animals.