Welcome to Chaffcombe


The Coronavirus epidemic means many of our residents will be in isolation. In an effort to provide some interaction a “chat” page has been created “Chaffcombe Chatter” join in on the conversions and add your pennyworth. Keep in touch. Your sanity may depend on it!

We are all here to help one another and I am afraid this may go on for a number of months.   We know it gets boring being isolated but it is for your own health and others.    If you have any worries or need anything to be collected from Chard please let us know and we will try to arrange something.    Many are already helping others in the parish and thanks goes to all of you who have stepped up to the mark.   We are all on the phone or maybe some on skype if you would like just to speak to anyone.   Please keep to the rules and then hopefully everyone will be safe.

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Village Chat Group


We are a small Somerset Village with ancient roots and Chaffcombe is home to the Chaffcombe Concerts and has regular events from Folk Music to Traditional English entertainment. You have to book early to get a seat as the concerts are proving popular. Held in the cosy village hall where the seating has now been increased due to the work to enlarge the hall. All proceeds are for the upkeep of the Hall or for various charities.

If your are traveling to see us take a look at this helpful traffic guide Travel Somerset.

The Concerts are arranged by real village people and all food and refreshments served are all home made. So keep an eye out for the next Chaffcombe local event to brighten up your life Contact concerts@chaffcombe.com. Calendar page shows what is next on our list and you can read more on our pages under Concerts/Events.

The Coffee Mornings

The Chaffcombe Coffee mornings held to raise funds for charity and we have regular monthly walks – local ones to clear our footpaths of brambles for others to enjoy our country side.
Our Village Hall offers an art venue, and lots of other activities open to all.


The monthly walks can also be seen on our website pages.