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 por protección de la piel, pantalones vasqueros rasgadas, zapatos / botas y joyas

We will accept advertising
 for skincare, torn jeans, shoes / boots and jewelry

Creative Talent & Innovative Services


Por protecci
ón - Antienvejecimiento

Skin protection - Anti-aging

Amy Breen Rodan + Consultora independiente de Fields


Nuestras exclusivas combinaciones de productos le permiten experimentar la sinergia del cuidado de la piel, las herramientas y los accesorios de Rodan + Fields a precios especiales.

Our exclusive product combinations let you experience the synergy of Rodan + Fields skincare, tools and accessories at special prices.




My name is Jacob and I love taking pictures. 
I'm a Bay Area native and California is near and dear to my heart.
​I love people; I love talking to others and sharing the human experience. 
I wasted a large portion of my life trying to do things that would make other people happy, and that hasn't really worked out: I'm tired of spinning my wheels.
​I'm going to focus on me now; I'm going to focus on you if you'd like, It'll be great.
​I'm going to feed my soul and get better, would you like to help?

​Let's create something.