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stories & Poems

by Jhon Ramirez

Editor: Tania Carrasco


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Photo: Uncle John

HUMMINGBIRDS MATING, San Rafael, California

Café Eyes

Author: Jhon Ramirez

Spanish Translator: Tania Carrasco

Published in Spanish @


24 Verses


The heart has its reasons, nights and poems for you

Sometimes I try to avoid you

 I have butterflies in my stomach and I do not know what to do

I'm paying attention even when I seem to ignore you

 You know how to read me too

 I forgot what to say and I do not want to be strange

What can I do for you?

 I serve you the truth and not lies

 Look in my eyes

See the reflection of your café eyes



 Just outside this lazy summer house

 Between the airport and there

 In the wireless space

 You are here now

 Like an angel

 Showing your love

 For your grandfather

 You are a healing and bright light

 Glitter shine  shine shine

 Your café eyes




 Wake up now discover that you are the song that brings the morning

You are the prettiest girl on a beautiful day

I just want to love you because now I'm happy

I am very shy and slow to express my feelings

When the sun heats

I listen to that song and I think of you

Glaring at me

And seeing my reflection in

Your café eyes



Sometimes we ride your horses

Sometimes we walk alone

Where the sun warms the night

And the day brings delight

When it's hot how we like it

Relax with food and drink and fun

Sit with your sister in the sun

Listen to music in the sand of the moonlight

Here the birds and the bees look for honey flowers

Waiting for you I write through the hours

Remembering how you are wise

All I think about are your café eyes




The seeds that were silent burst into bloom

You make people laugh

You make life fun

God built you to last

He created you for love

Enjoying your family

You speak, listen and reach

Laugh and then teach

Looking deep

In your café eyes

to continue


Ángel eyes

"Who is that masked man?"
Camila asks
"The Purple Sage"! he answers
Now turn the page

The Lord gave us a love that never ends
He gave all mothers the privilege of having a love life and children
A child is love being born
As the night lights up in the morning

Jesus responded to his disciples concerned for their safety
"Isn't there twelve hours of daylight?"
The sun is reliable
Source of light, heat and protection
It tells us the time and gives us direction
The sun stopped one day
In our presence dark skies
Lengthened that day
And we pray
Don't make the world go away

Word by word
Pure Life!
Today is so bright
Ángel eyes
You are clever
Hand to hand
Eyes seeing eyes

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I am prepared against the day of battle
Know just what to do
Taking writing lessons
Going back to school

You see man with his problems
His faith in short supply
Living in a world
Cursed to die
There's hope inside
A song that I heard tonight
When the Lord within my heart moves
The light becomes bright
Reflective swords
That brought the dark night
Shine inside
Like a soft candlelight

I called the smartest phone
I said Lord, here we are at home
We need you now we're all alone

The writer writes
About brother and sister
He calls them Apollo and Artemis
Apollo is like the sun
In his work and in his smile
In his family in his son

Artemis love is like a magnet
For the writer she is the muse
She is aesthetic
And majestic
With chemistry too

The way that you're still with me
In my heart and spirit every day
Distance can grow affection
The long way we choose to make our own way

The way that you are so different from others
Good girls that catch my attention
The bird in the tree tells me about you
Opening my mind with relevant understanding

The way you are to help me discover
The simple things in life to enjoy
The quiet moments to respect yourself
And when I think of you my heart jumps for joy

The way you are with the baby
The way you are a lady
You make me smile and laugh
And create another paragraph