"find a need and fill it."

--Robert hunter


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The Dance of Life

"they Love Each Other
Lord, You can see it's true"

Rainbow Logo by Cynthia Adams



Kevin Peak & Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh @Terrapin Crossroads

"Ramble On Rose" 10/15/2017



Kevin's brother, David Peak @ The Last Human Race May, 2017, San Rafael, California


 Kevin Peak - Love & Peace


Kevin Peak moved from a group home to living independently in an apartment, and now a house shared with May Rice, supported by the Casa Allegra Community Services in San Rafael

 Kevin loves music, reading, sailing, basketball, bowling, bocce, swimming, golf,  movies, Lion's Club, and watching Giants games. He is learning Spanish.

He has a part-time job at Autodesk gym in San Rafael.

He loves to sing along with his CD's and his favorite band to see live is the Jefferson Starship.


People with special needs, intellectual and developmental disabilities have real ability & talent.

 This gallery of artists, singers, dancers, PUPPETEERS, travelers,  and musicians were not schooled in the usual way

yet are able to live up to their great potential and are a model solution as examples of love in action.

"It's priceless to be with them who are the embodiment of pure love. I don't ever think of them as disabled"

-- Phil Lesh.


In 2003 The Unbroken Chain Foundation sponsored a benefit concert at the Lordeaux estate in Marin county, California for an agency serving the needs of these special people with developmental diasabilities.

Phil Lesh and his wife Jill have a personal connection to this special community of individuals.

"It's priceless to be with them who are the embodiment of pure love. I don't ever think of them as disabled", said Phil Lesh.

Phil Lesh & Friends  (Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, John Molo, Rob Barracco, John "Marmaduke" Dawson, Jeff Chimenti, Mickey Hart & Bobby Weir) performed an amazing evening of celebration under a starlit sky  & Cedars of Marin resident Tim Johnson  drummed on stage with the band.

                                      Photo: Jefferson RicE


Tim Johnson playin' with the band


John Gill Hines and Edwin Walter


Artist Cynthia Adams  paints rainbows


Chris Clarke, who has the talent of a professional dancer, leads Richard Simmons' exercise class



Artist Gina Learned listens & watches in McLaren Park in San Francisco @ Jerry Garcia Amphitheater


Gina makes a new friend

"Inspector Rabbit" by artist Grace Slick

 Gina Learned is a talented artist and when we visit a gallery in Sausalito, Grace Slick is there & she comes over and talks to Gina and shakes her hand

Artists have an eye out for each other




Jonas Freeburg and John Gill Hines perform the Jefferson Airplane's "Let's Get Together"

Street performers in Cabo San Lucas invite our group to play their instruments & make music with them.

Phil Lesh and Chris Clarke at the Book Passage in Corte Madera, California



June Is Busting Out All Over –Mia Brown

San Rafael artist Mia Brown, who has cerebral palsy, creates vibrant paintings using a headwand.

 Mia sells her artwork, and this talented artist is supported by  Casa Allegra Community Services



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Jefferson Rice, Chris Bonfiglio (CACS), Brenda McIvor (Cedars) seated, & Tim Johnson

@ May Rice Memorial, May 2018

Several non-profit agencies in Marin county like Cedars of Marin, and Casa Allegra Community Services (CACS) provide a living & work community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a creative environment that fosters their independence, defends their dignity, helps them develop their potential & double their life expectancy. I have worked with these agencies and these special individuals for over twenty years as a residential caregiver. This year there will be no annual Human Race that raises funds that support these agencies, and the real solution would be for this community to come together & show their support & love for those that are dependent on the care of others as we seek alternative fund raising possibilities.

Chris Bonfiglio, Hollie Jones, Eny Campos, John Patenaude, Jefferson Rice & Ina Chun are working together seeking a real solution for the Human Race.